Snatch Assessment, Robb Wolf Podcast, Friday Feb 12

Mom (Christine) setting a GREAT example for her Son. FYI, she rowed a 7:55 2K that night!!

A Visit from an Old Friend. Great having you back Ray!
CrossFit WOD:
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
10 1-leg squats (5 per leg) – use support with one arm as required
15 Pullups
You can execute a makeup WOD from the week or work on skills. Maintain the same focus and intensity you do every day in the box. Your choices are:
1. Do The WOD
2. Execute a makeup WOD you missed (we expect you know which one you want to do, to set it up and time it yourself)
3. Work on targeted skills
4. No aimless wandering…use this time to improve!!
Skills: DB/KB Swing, Pushup, Jump Rope/DU
7 Rounds for time
30 jump rope (or 10 double unders)
7 Pushups
5 DB/KB Swings
1. E-mail MEEGS NLT Feb 16th ( if you intend to tryout for the Affiliate Team.

2. We’ll find out and post ASAP when our Athletes are rowing at the Hampton Erg Challenge on Sat. 9am class still goes as scheduled.

More Snatch Assessment.
Below, you’ll see Jason make a strong effort, but miss a 1RM Power Snatch. Notice (look at the still picture below the video) that he’s on his toes (ankle extension) and bending his elbows prior to full hip extension. We executed a short jumping drill. Look at the triple frame picture below. I used the PVC pipe as reference for his knee position. All i asked him to do was start from the 2nd pull position (torso over the bar with bar mid-thigh), then just jump while focusing on his heels. Notice how he “rebends” his knees to jump. The PVC pipe is there to show you the rebend. When he jumps, he keeps his arms straight and drives from the heels. He naturally follows through to the ankles (which is great)…but the important part is he extends his hips PRIOR to his ankles extending. The ankle extension is jus like the natural follow through in a swing. Ideally, he’d already be pulling back under the bar right now, so the ankle extension would be limited.

Ankle Extension & Elbow Flex Prior to Full Hip Extension

“Scoop”/Double Knee Bend Jumping Drill. His torso is leaning forward a bit (undesirable) in the jump, but we fixed the early ankle extension.

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