So Damn Proud!

Monday’s WOD:

Squat Snatch (or power snatch/overhead squat)
Chest-to-Bar pullup (do the best you can, regress to chin-above bar when chest fails).
Since I write the blog, I have open forum to completely brag about Nicole–she’s humble.  As many of you know, this weekend was the Mid-Atlantic Region CrossFit Qualifiers in VA Beach.  164 competitors from nearly 66 affiliates (and some from their garages) from Maryland, DC, VA, West VA, Delaware and Pennsylvania competed.  The final results for CrossFit Hampton Roads?
Your head coach and owner, Nicole, finished 2nd place overall!  She topped the next closest girl by over 1 min and 30 seconds over 4 INTENSE and challenging WODs in 2 days; Nicole is on her way to California for the CrossFit Games 10-12 July where she will compete against CrossFitters from across the world.   Her heart and spirit shined throughout.  I came in 11th overall for the guys (not well enough to get to CA, but i figure i’ve still got 10 more competitive years in me, so i’ll be back).  
Thank you SO MUCH to all the CFHR athletes who came out to cheer us on…it was so freakin’ motivating to have you right there yelling at us (like we do to you on a daily basis).  It was so great to see so many of you there.  

The official results (and some videos I’m sure) should make it to the Games link (upper right of this blog) soon.

A few thoughts about this event:  I did my share of competition runs and triathlon events in my younger years, so I’m familiar with the atmosphere.  Here are some things that are similar, and not so similar;

Similar:  Both events involve individuals competing against each other, but also their own abilities

Not similar:  At an organized running event, you will not hear someone yell, “Don’t drop that F*ckin’ bar or I will kill you!”
Similar:  Both events involve an enthusiastic crowd cheering for their athletes
Not Similar:   At the CrossFit games, >80% of the crowd has tatoos and body piercings and they all expect to see blood at some point in the competition.
Similar:  Both events have prizes and awards to recognize the winners
Not Similar:  The winners at CrossFit events hold a very unique, lofty and justified titled:  the fittest athletes alive across all potential physical tasks.  Sounds arrogant, but CrossFit is waiting for the challenge to prove it wrong.   
I cannot express enough my deep pride in Nicole.  She is a mother of 2, an amazing wife and human being, and she just proved herself as one of the top athletes in the nation.  

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