Something new, Monday, July 27th

Monday’s WOD (I told you it would be different this week)

Monday’s Warmup:

Dyn Joint Movements (DJM) + 10 slow controlled squats
3 x Handstand walk attempts (or free-handstand if you don’t have that yet)
3 x Box Jump 20″
3 x Box Jump 24″
3 x Box Jump 30″
Warmup the Back Squat
Monday’s WOD:
M.E. Back Squat

Rest 5 minutes
For Time:
Run 400m
30 Box Jump Burpees (30″/24″)
Run 400m
A very special thanks to Bryan and Rob for organizing and running an incredible Saturday WOD. 30+ Athletes showed up and took it to the BEACH! Thanks to Jim, Diane and Royce for helping get the equipment there and back. We will DEFINITELY do these outings more often. Also, a special thanks to Matt R. and Dave D. for representing CFHR by acting as first responders to an elderly man who fell on his driveway and hit his head. They stabilized him and called an ambulance–the unknown and unknowable. Great work guys.
And a very special thanks to Jim and Diane for the fantastic (i’m running out of unique adjectives) party Saturday night. There was even intensity in the Cornhole tourney. What a great time with a great group of friends!

Standings for last week’s Biggest Loser WOD will be posted tomorrow!!


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