Straight Talk from the Doc. Thur Oct 7th (100 DOB Day 99)

5 rounds For MAX LOAD (not for time) of:
• 3 Power Cleans
• 6 Front Squat
• 3 Push Jerk
• Rest 3 minutes

You can pause in the rack position, but you cannot pause on the ground or take your hands off the bar once your set begins. This is prep for “Grace.”  Focus on establishing grip and posture between each Power Clean.  Focus on posture in the dip and speed during the Push Jerk.  Round 5 does not have to be the heaviest, but you must do all 5 rounds.  Post load for heaviest successful round.


This is one of my absolute favorite Jimmy Moore Interviews.  This is straight-talker Dr. Kurt Harris, creator of the PaleoNu blog.


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