Sustainability…why we’re going to grow our own veggies, Friday May 14th

Katie working her way up the Sandbag Hill at the end of the 5K run.

WOD:  Team challenges.
Teams of 2

Doesn’t matter where you start.  Rest as required between events. You can keep your own time for events.  Be sure to post your team name and times on board

1:  400M Log run:  How fast can your team carry one of the heavy logs (scaled version is the heavy punching bag) 400M.
2.  How fast can your team complete 100 pullups (split up however you want)
3.  What is your team’s max 2-person deadlift (each person only get’s 1 hand on the bar!)
4.  How fast can your team drag a loaded tire down and back the front concrete pad (edge of grass all the way to parking lot entrance and back) (90lbs men/45 lb ladies)


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