Take Control of How You Feel: Hormones. Thur Oct 14th

Group Warmup:
Rowing form review
Athletes pair up on a rower
Each athlete Rows 3 sets of 10 calories.
Set one is on Damper 1
Set two is on Damper 9
Set three is on Damper 5
Alternate between athletes on the rower
Strive to hold a steady Wattage between the three sets
Mobility:  Groin/Wall stretch

Team Challenges. As teams of 2:
Challenge 1:
Overhead squat challenge: Single-set max reps of 80% body weight overhead squat. Teams must use same rack and bar (changing loads for each other). They have 15 minutes total to build up to and find their max reps of 80% body weight OHS in a single set. Subtract 1 rep from your score for every 5lbs below 80% of your body weight. Score = total reps for the team

Challenge 2:
Rope Challenge:
Max rope ascents between the 2 athletes in 5 minutes.  The team shares the rope.  For scaling, 3 rope get-ups from the floor = 1 rope ascent.

Score = Total reps for the team (add reps from OHS challenge and rope ascent challenge).


Today’s podcast addresses Hormonal Imbalance and how metabolic derangement can wreak havoc on how you look, feel and perform throughout the day.  Don’t let the topic mislead you,  this is a great podcast is for everyone regardless of background or nutritional geekitude.


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