The 8th Deadly Sin: Ignorance disguised as Authority. Monday, May 17th.

Weekly Warmup:
Full board plus 30 seconds of cumulative L-sit


3 sets (not for time):
  3 Front Squat @ 80% 1RM
  rest 10 seconds
  10 unbroken ring dips
  rest 2 minutes


5 sets for time, load and reps:
Power Clean + 3 Front Squats (75% of your power clean 1RM)
rest 1 minute

Post time (include rest time), load and HSPU reps accomplished in metcon
(Bob-12:43/175lbs/37 reps)

Dr. Peter Dobromylskyj, writes a blog called “Hyperlipid.”  He does not write his blog for the laymen.  He throws down intricate, sarcastic and directive information centered on the benefits of fat in the human diet.  I came across this post while studying palmitic acid (a common constituent of animal-based saturated fat). 
In this post, he takes apart a research paper titled “Gluttony, sloth and the metabolic syndrome: a roadmap to lipotoxicity.”  The paper is written by diabetologists with the baseline premise that hyperinsulinemia and resultant metabolic syndrome are caused by gluttony (specifically excess fat intake) and sloth.  In other words, the authors of the paper are carrying the banner of the vast majority of doctors, regitard dieticians (oh, oops, a typo), and hypercritical mothers:  “your fat because you eat too much fat and you don’t exercise enough”. 
The post is great.  You have to understand that Dr. Peter’s baseline principle is the same upon which the book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” was based:  excess carbohydrates triggers insulin resistance, fat storage and lethargy (this is very simplified, but it’s the point of the argument).  In other words, we don’t get fat and lazy because we eat too much….we get hungry and lethargic because we’re getting fatter…and it’s excess carbs making us fatter.  If you don’t understand that prior to reading his post, you may get lost in his sarcasm (which, by the way, is as thick and rich as the pasture-butter/coconut milk base in which I cooked my dinner tonight…mmmm.)

In essence, the arguments put cause and effect 180 degrees out. I really like the images he uses to show the drastic difference.  I’ve put them here for your viewing pleasure.  Figure 1 is an image from the Diabetologists “Gluttony and Sloth” paper.  Figure 2 is how Dr Peter corrects their errors.  Don’t get lost in the biochemistry, just smile that he starts his Figure with a Diabetologist eating jam (refined carbs), whole wheat bread (refined carbs + gut irritation) and low-fat margarine (altered PUFAs skewing fatty acid balance).  All three of these food choices lead to Hyperinsulinemia.  For Figure 2, “Inadequate Lypolisis” basically means your body won’t use it’s fat for fuel because, essentially, it’s expecting carbs because that’s what you have persistently given it

FIGURE 1 (click it to enlarge)


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