The "man" taketh in taxes…the pig giveth in BACON!!! Thur, April 15th

We Need Help Installing the Pullup Bar!

This Saturday, at 10am we’ll be installing the new 40-foot pullup structure (yes Bryan, I designed in a flyup or two for ya).  We’re looking for 3 athletes willing to help. They need to wear jeans and a non-synthetic fiber long-sleeved shirt (there will be welding, grinding and other metal work involved). If interested in helping, please contact Josh “Rambo” A. at 408-540-9615 or just show up.


5 sets of:
 -6 x Racked Barbell walking lunges (95/65) take 2 seconds down, 1 second at bottom, 1 second up
 – rest 1 minute
 -20 weighted ABMAT situps (dumbbell/medball/sandbag held overhead, NOT on chest or belly)
 -rest 1 minute

rest 2 minutes, then

3 sets of:
   12 x Romanian Deadlift (135/95) 3 seconds down, no pause at bottom, 1 second up)
   Rest 1 minute
   Rest 1 minute

Barbell Lunge Description (from Catalyst Athletics). Step forward with one leg. Take steps long enough to keep your leading shin vertical. Short lunges are for perverts. Bring the rear leg forward into the next lunge. Keep the torso upright throughout the movement and avoid pushing off the lead thigh with the arms.

Romanian Deadlift Description (from Catalyst Athletics): aka, the RDL. The name Romanian Deadlift is commonly used incorrectly to describe a Stiff-Leg Deadlift. The movements are similar, but the key difference is that in the RDL, the knees remain bent from start to finish—they are never fully extended. Start with the knees slightly bent and torso upright. Push the hips back, keep the knees slightly bent and your back set in complete extension, and lower the bar as far as your hamstring flexibility will allow. Return to the starting position, keeping the knees slightly bent.

Finally, Mark Sisson Does THE BACON GUIDE.  This is one for the archives.

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