“The Paleo Identity Crisis”

As the general concepts of Paleolithic/Primal nutrition gradually become more mainstream, there are a ton of great discussions about what defines Paleo.  A while back I linked to Dr. Kurt Harris’ discussion of Paleo v2.0 and his eventual shift to the term Archevore to describe his philosophy and his and approach to avoiding diseases of neolithic agents, which I reference often.

Jay Stanton, of Gnolls.org recently published an absolute MUST read to get your mind around this discussion.  Great info, well written and cool VIDEOS too. He calls definitions to task and puts a great perspective on this topic.  Enjoy

Great quotes from the article:

“This poses an interesting question: which of our dietary adaptations simply allowed us to struggle through bad times, and which are our “ancestral diet”? To choose a modern example, humans can clearly survive and reproduce on a diet of donuts, Taco Bell, and Red Bull—but we all know such a diet isn’t optimal for health or long life.”

“To choose one example, this is why a few thousand years of agriculture have only weakly and incompletely selected us for gluten tolerance: intolerance won’t kill you outright, and even celiac kills you very slowly.”

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