The Top Reasons People Fail to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals, Thursday, Jan 28th

Judy pushes hard through a 500m row to finish off her WOD. A special thanks to Matt Shannon, owner of CrossFit 1776 (Williamsburg) for helping us with his outstanding coaching in our rapidly growing 9am and 11am classes.

CrossFit WOD:

Tabata Sets: Complete 1 set of 20s on / 10s rest for each exercise, then repeat 8 times.
Pushpress (empty bar)
Front Squat (empty bar)
ABMAT situps (unanchored)
Box Jump (20/14)
Mark Sisson lays out another great one. As we hammer over and over at CrossFit Hampton Roads, Your Fitness and Wellness goals are achieved, PRIMARILY, with what happens outside the gym. Less food/More exercise is NOT, NOT, NOT the formula to lifelong wellness, health and positive body composition changes.

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