The ultimate triumph of industrial thinking over the logic of evolution, Thursday May 6th

0615 AM class goes as scheduled!!!


Front Squat:
  3 @  65%
  3 @  75%
  3 @  80%
  3 @  85%
  3 @  90%


   5 Min AMRAP (the clock will be on a repeat 5 min countdown, just hop in at the start of a cycle):

      Parallette Shoot-through (2 pushups and 2 dips on each shoot-through)
      5 lateral barrier jumps (over & back = 1 rep) — Level 2 over both parallettes, Level 1 jump over only 1

Good link found by Meegs.  Don’t just read the intro…you’ve gotta read the response at the bottom.

    Some salient points from The Omnivore’s Dilemma regarding the feedlot process:

“The economic logic of gathering so many animals together to feed them cheap corn in CAFOs is hard to argue with; it has made meat.  Not so compelling is the biological logic behind this cheap meat.  Already in their short history CAFOs have produced more than their share of environmental and health problems:  polluted water and air, toxic wastes, novel and deadly pathogens.  Raising animals on old-fashioned mixed farms…used to make simple biological sense:  You can feed them the waste products of your crops, and you can feed their waste products to your crops.  In fact, when animals live on farms, the very idea of wate ceases to exist; what you have instead is a closed ecological loop–what in retrospect you might call a solution.  One of the most striking things that animal feedlots do (to paraphrase Wendell Berry) is to take this elegant solution and neatly divide it into two new problems:  a fertility problem on the farm (which must be remedied with chemical fertilizers) and a pollution problem on the feedlot (which seldom is remedied at all).  This biological absurdity…is compounded in the cattle feedyard by a second absurdity.  Here animals exquisitely adapted by natural selection to live on grass must be adapted by us–at considerable cost to their health, the the health of the land, and ultimately to the health of their eaters–to live on corn, for no other reason than it offers the cheapest calories around and because the great pile [of overproduced, subsidized corn] must be consumed.  The short, unhappy life of a corn-fed feedlot steer represents the ultimate triumph of industrial thinking over the logic of evolution.”

With that, there’s still room for more people in our 100% grass-fed, naturally raised, farm grazing cattle from Windhaven.  Please E-mail me ( if you’d like to reserve a quarter, half or whole.  If you’d like to split a quarter with someone, you can work that with them directly then let me know.

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