This is an ORDER! Rest or Skill work

If you did Mon-Wed, then i HIGHLY recommend taking a rest day on Thursday

If you come in:

Thursday’s Warmup
Dynamic Joint Warmup (left side of board)
Light row 300m on damper setting 2 (this is SLOW…warmup)
Hang from bar 10 seconds
10 extra PVC shoulder rotations
Hang from bar 10 seconds
10 PVC shoulder rotations
Thursday’s Skill Work WOD: (A special thanks to OPT for these)
1. Perform 5 sets of 8-15 Knees to Elbows on the rings. The goal is to learn an efficient kip that will transfer to the pullup bar eventually. Rest as needed between sets. The goal is to do each set unbroken.
Rest 3 minutes
2. Perform 4 sets of the following couplet:
-12 Hip Extensions on the GHD–Execute as follows: 2 seconds up, no pause at top, 2 seconds down, no pause at bottom. Rest 1 minute
-15 ABMAT situps execute as follows: 2 seconds up, no pause at top, 2 seconds down, no pause at bottom. Rest 1 minute

This Sat night (July 24th), CFHR social, non-WOD gathering for dinner and drinks at Jim and Diane’s house! Info:
-6pm start time (3-2-1, EAT!)
-Kids welcome
-Bring: your own meat to cook (there will be some hamburgers and hotdogsprovided), your favorite beverage (beer and water provided). Side dishes would be appreciated.
-Come celebrate the Games, each other and Kristin’s 25th b-day (hey, at least she can drive the rental car at the Games next year.)
Saturday AM WOD: Meet at Yorktown Beach at 8am. WOD starts on the beach at 8:30 sharp! This is gonna be a fun one. Bring a swimsuit and a towel (there will NOT be swimming involved, but you could get wet)

Here’s where to meet on Saturday (Parking lot at the top of the hill on Ballard St)

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A very special THANK YOU to all our athletes. What an inspiring week. We saw some absolutely stunning performances and demonstrations of mental fortitude and focus. People pushed through some tough ones when they thought they couldn’t. Next week will be a bit different (still challenging, but a bit different–it’ll be fun).


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