Those People We Love to Hate, Tuesday Jan 18


I need to get one more test point for the 30 second effort. Over the next 2 weeks, anytime (prior to your WOD or only when fully recovered from your WOD), please do the following:
Execute a single 30 second max effort sprint on the Airdyne bike. Your score is calories.

  • Hop on the airdyne, 
  • Push “Select” to get to the calories screen. 
  • Push”Start” to start the timer. It will count up.  Wait till it’s counted up 5 seconds, then do your sprint until it says 35 seconds, then stop.

This is ALL OUT…100%..NO HOLDING BACK…PAINFUL….SUCKY 30 seconds of SPRINTING. Don’t hold back at all.  You can do this on your own (no coach needs to watch).

Once you do this sprint, please CLICK HERE to enter your score. This link will also remain under the announcements section for 2  weeks. Thanks!


Shoulder Mobility
2 rounds
15 wallballs
15 pushups
10 pullups
Build to a 1RM of Push Press in 20 min
rest 5 mins
Tabata Core:
20 secs on 10 off for 8 rounds of each:
Plank hold on forearms
Right side Plank hold (on forearm or hand)
Left Side Plank hold (on forearm or hand)
*cycle through the group 8 times (i.e., switch between exercises after every 10s rest period)
 So, we’ve all got that “friend” and/or relative who can seemingly eat whatever they want and still look lean and healthy.  We hate those people.  But what’s the deal?  Read this great writeup from Mark Sisson about those people we love to hate and why you should like yourself more than you hate them.

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