Thoughts on the week + Olympic Lifting Seminar Info

CFHR Athletes.

Another INCREDIBLE week of performances!
Some HUGE PRs with deadlift.
2 observations that make my heart swell with pride:
1. There is a ton of mentorship going on between athletes. This shows confidence and solidifies the foundation of camaraderie and friendship in the gym. Helping each other through/with a WOD sharpens your eye for flaws and reinforces your own movements
2. People are taking days off, taking their fish oil, sleeping and REAPING THE BENEFITS. This stuff works…it just does. I see refreshed looks and athletes ready for the challenge of the WOD. Keep up the good work and share your success! Send us a quick note to let us know your progress so we can post it.
Several people have asked me to reserve a spot for the Oly Seminar in September. This is Coach Wilkes’ program. He controls the reservations and collects the money. I’m sorry i can’t reserve spots. If you’d like to attend, please follow the instructions here. You’ll have to click on the “Buy Now” link button. If you can’t pay now, or have questions about the seminar or making reservations, you can contact Coach Wilkes HERE.
I’ll leave you with a great quote sent to me by my Garage CrossFittin’ Fool brother, Ari (this is an upgrade from his former status as Just Plain Fool. Ari and his wife Mary have made HUGE, REMARKABLE progress in such a short time. I’m so proud of them and love reading his posts from CFHR “West.”

“I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done.”
-A. E. Hotchner


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