Tire Game+ Gymnastics Elements, Fri, May 8th

Friday’s WOD

Part 1:
20 minutes of the Tire Game

The tire will be placed in the center of the gym.  There will be 4 stations from which you have to throw a Dynamax or Slamball into the tire.  If you  make it, you get a letter (like the game horse, but you’re spelling CrossFit).  If you miss, each station has a unique “punishment.”

Part 2:

20 minutes of work on:  Rope climb, ring dips, muscle ups, handstands.  You pick what you want to work on and for how long.  If you have another element you want to practice, this is your time to get some help from the Coaches and focus on your “goats.”


CrossFit Games news:  
1.  If you did not compete in the regionals, but still want a shot at the games, there will be a video WOD submission opportunity near the end of this month.  We’ll get details out as they become available.  
2.  CFHR would like to have a team compete in the affiliate cup challenge at the games.  The team can have up to 6 members with at least 2 guys and 2 ladies.  This means a trip to Aromas and the opportunity to compete.  There are no qualifiers for this.  For those who are on the team, we will open up the sponsorship funds to help offset the cost of travel for everyone.
Let us know if you are interested in either one.
Painting of the new space begins tomorrow evening.  we’ll have some equipment moved.  Please give the artist space and watch out wet walls over the next couple of weeks!
Thank you all for another great week!!  

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