To Rx or Not To Rx?…Thursday December 9

Group Warmup
10 pvc shoulder rotation
10 pvc OHS
10 pvc Snatch Balance
10 pvc Hang Snatch
On the Minute perform 5 burpees and max rep Thrusters
The goal is 50 total Thrusters
When you hit 50 yell time!
Going RXd Doesn’t Mean Sh*t! By Coach Ian J. McHugh

OK, now that I have your attention let’s discuss. Going RXd on a workout doesn’t mean sh*t if you are executing the movements incorrectly. Define incorrectly: not moving through the full range of motion, skipping reps, etc.

                                       (photo of squat anatomy)

“Hip crease below the knee.” Sound familiar?

It is understandable if you are frustrated that you can’t use the RXd weight or execute a particular movement RXd. Use that as motivation to get better. You have to remember that 99% of CrossFit facilities prescribe workouts for CrossFitters who posses advanced skills and strength. It is easier to scale workouts down than it is to scale them up.

Let’s answer some FAQs regarding”RXd”:

Will I still have a good workout even if I have to use a lighter weight then what’s RXd?

You may actually have a better workout. Not only will you be able to execute the movement safely and effectively, you will also be able to move through the full range of motion vs. moving incorrectly (A.K.A. half-assing it). Also, if it is truly a”lighter weight”, then you should be able to”blow the doors off” of the workout, meaning you will be “sizzling bacon” post workout.

                                (photo of client on floor, cooked)

Mark showing us sizzling bacon.

How long until I can complete a workout RXd?

One of my favorites, right up there with,”Will weightlifting make me big and bulky?” The answer to this question can be complex, but I’ll strive to simplify it by asking you a few questions. Realize this really all depends on the individual. How is your body responding to the current program you’re following? Are you gaining strength? Are you practicing what you’re weak at? Are you following some other program outside of CrossFit? Realize to answer to this question we have to look at a few other factors.

I am a lot bigger than that smaller guy and he can go RXd but I can’t, what’s up with that?

Well, simply put, you are weaker and/or do not posses the same skills as that smaller guy. Not putting you down, just realize where you fall on the CrossFit strength/skill continuum and strive for improvement in both ares. PRACTICE!

                                                    (photo of Spealler)

Chris Spealler has an impressive strength to bodyweight ratio.

That weight is too heavy to be RXd, right?

As I stated earlier, we prescribe workouts for CrossFitters who posses advanced skills and strength. It’s OK that the weight may be too heavy for you, but remember there is probably someone who may be able to handle it. Just because you went RXd on one workout doesn’t mean you will be able to do all workouts RXd.

It’s OK if you can not go RXd on a workout, I promise you will still have an awesome workout. It’s not the end of the world, just don’t be the one to push the envelope and do something stupid like not moving through the full range of motion or skipping reps. I highly encourage everyone to seek the advice of their coach, as they should have a good idea of the best decision for you take make regarding what’s RXd.

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