Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Nutrition & Fitness at CrossFit Hampton Roads (Podcast), Fri Jan 29th

Brian “enjoys” the mixed blessing that is Short-duration Metabolic Conditioning (in a 500m row). Dr. Brian has been a lifelong runner. His recent commitment to strength work and conditioning in much shorter (but higher-intensity) workouts at CrossFit Hampton Roads will pay dividends towards his longevity and independent living. Brian’s wife, Judy, was featured on yesterday’s blog picture. Another fit family at CFHR. BTW, that’s his determined/angry face.
CrossFit Skill Tests. We will only be testing the following skills today. If you’ve already tested them, you can make up a WOD from this week, make your own WOD, or work on other skills:
Level 1: L-sit, 2000M row, MedBall Clean
Level 2/3: Kettlebell Snatch, Hanging Straight Leg Raise, Clean/Power Clean
Intro to the Hip Extension
For Time:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6….1
Walking Lunges
Hip Extensions
Matt Shannon (CrossFit 1776) and I just did a 1 hour podcast yesterday. We addressed the Top 10 questions we get at CrossFit Hampton Roads. We discuss Nutrition and Fitness. This is a great resource for beginners and experienced alike. Please forward it to a friend or family member who has questions/doubts about CrossFit and our methods. This is our first hack at this…we’ll get better. Please provide feedback in the comments section. Of note, we address supplements for the Fit-to-Be-Bare contest.


In the lifelong pursuit of wellness, more is generally less. Here is a great link (with tons of embedded links) that discusses why we focus our training on strength and conditioning for shorter, but higher-intensity, periods of time.

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