Top 10 Worst Nutritional Mistakes, Mon Aug 23d (100 DOB, Day 54)

Dave = Intensity

Weekly Warmup
2 sets of 10 Kip Swings (get shoulders warm…roll them out)
2 minutes HSPU work
2 sets (1st set PVC, second set empty bar) of:
5 Overhead Squat to Sots Press at Bottom

If you’re having shoulder issues/recovering from an injury do the following with your good shoulder:
  Dumbbell Windmill
  Dumbbell Overhead Squat with Sots Press at Bottom, use a light dumbbell and execute this single-arm
Monday’s WOD:
Within 20 minutes, complete the following complex 5 times for max load in set # 5.  Each set, increase the number of reps by one.  (see explanation below):
Deadlift / Power Clean / Front Squat / Front Racked Lunge each leg

  Set 1 = 1DL/1PC/1FS/1 Lunge per leg
  Set 2 = 2DL/2PC/2FS/2 Lunges per leg
 etc… until you’ve done 5 sets

-Once you start a set, you can’t rest/regrip with the bar on the ground.  You can rest with it racked on shoulders.
-You can rest a maximum of 5 minutes between sets
-You must increase load each set

Post the load used in set #5.


Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body-Primal Mind provides an excellent list of the Top 10 Worst Dietary and Nutritional Mistakes caused by current medical/nutritional recommendations and the food industry.

Are you ready for local food sources yet?  Gee, who knew that if you pack 50,000+ chickens into a sunless hellhole, wading in their own feces, eating an unnatural diet mixed with an antibiotic cocktail designed to double their growth rate (to the point their bones can’t keep up, so they just don’t walk) that it could possible contribute to the spread of disease?  Huh…crazy.  Checkout our links on the right side for local, humane food resources.

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