Turkish Getup and Get em’ Tuesday,Oct 20

Crossfit Wod:
For Time:
Run 800
3 rounds:
20 (10L/10R) Turkish Getup (55, 35)
25 wallball (20/14) *HIT BLUE LINE*
Then, Run 800
Crossfit Takeoff Wod:
Run 400
20 KB swings
20 boxjumps
20 burpees
Run 400

Scott G breaks 30lbs lost!!!!

“I can’t even begin to say how happy the progress I’ve made in the past couple of months has made me, it just feels incredible. As of this week, I’ve reached the 30 pounds lost mark!!! I’ve realized in the past two and a half months, even maybe every time I’m in the box, that I can do much more than I thought I would be able to do since my injuries. Nicole “encouraged” me last week to keep the 115# on the bar for DT when I was thinking of bumping it down and though it was hard to do, I did it and kept with it…I didn’t let the bar beat me! She told me that she knew I’d just get mad at myself for dropping the weight and sure enough I more than likely would have. I haven’t been to any other gym’s in a long time but I know if I was trying to work out at the YMCA or any other gym, I would have probably just given in when doing something like that because the encouragement and intensity just isn’t there like so many people have said before.
As you know, I started out at 240lbs, 47″ chest, 47.5 waist, 16″ neck and also measured biceps, thighs and calves. When I weighed in about 2 days ago, I almost couldn’t believe that I saw 210lbs!!! I haven’t seen 210 in at least a few years! We took my measurements about 2 weeks ago now and I’m just amazed at the results…overall I’ve lost 11 1/4 inches. I’ve lost 2.75″ on my chest (now 44.25″), 4″ on my waist (now 43.5″) and .5″ on my neck (now 15.75). I’m starting to dig out clothes that I used to wear and am starting to fit back into them, I’m not going on that shopping spree just yet though! My blood pressure has gone down since starting CrossFit as well, I have so much more energy now than I have in the past several years and I just feel all around better.
I’ve accomplished so much more than I thought I would have in the past 10 or so weeks and I can’t thank you guys enough, the other trainers enough and my fellow athletes as well! Among other things, I managed to get my first kipping pullup the other week which is huge for me since I could barely to pullups in general with the black band when I first came in the beginning of August. I feel like I’m getting stronger and have more stamina each and every time I come in. I still have a lot to learn and do but I look forward to seeing what the future brings now instead of worrying about gaining weight and my health declining.
You’ve got something special there at CFHR. Great people, great times, great workouts! Keep up the amazing job and thank you all for everything, you guys are awesome!”

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