Unbroken, Thursday, August13th

Thursday’s Warmup:

Right side of Warmup board

Thursday’s WOD:
10 rounds for total working time:
10 Double Unders (or 30 singles)
10 Burpees (unbroken)
1 minute rest
The goal is no breaks
Only post RX’d on the board if you had no breaks and did double unders
Based on the 91%-to-9% consensus, I will no longer post our WODs on BTWB.
Our gym will maintain a spot there. You can enter the WOD online yourself and continue
to post. I hope to be able to pick up this function again when I’ve got the resources (i.e. time).
In the meantime, please post your results to the comments of each day’s blog. You can
search for previous results using the SEARCH function at the top of the blog (“Search this
Blog”). For example, to find times we’ve done Front Squat, just search for “Front Squat” and it
will pull up all previous WODs that involved Front Squats. My apologies to those that use

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