Under Watchful, Youthful Eyes. Friday, April 30th

 Your Kids are Watching.  What are You Showing Them?

Max Effort:
Shoulder Press
5, 5, 3, 1, 1


Dumbbell Split Jerk (DBSJ) 20 reps
Toe to Bar (TTB) 1 rep
DBSJ 18 reps
TTB 2 reps
DBSJ 16 reps
TTB 3 reps
DBSJ 2 reps
TTB 10 reps

Loading is 30% of bwt (total…so a 175lb athlete would use 25lb dumbbells)

Friday Challenges:
  1.  5 rope ascents (score = time in seconds your feet are on the ground after you start first climb…don’t get too creative…the intent is clear).  Low time wins
 2.  How far can you throw a medicine ball (20/14) behind you (start with ball on ground…in one motion throw the ball directly overhead behind you.)  You get 3 attempts

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