Monday’s WOD
95# thruster ladder – 1-10
(you have to pick up weight from floor for each set; you cannot go from one set into another without placing weight on floor; you cannot fraction each set; you have to drop the weight after each set is done; if you attempt a set (say 6 reps) and you fail on the 6th rep, you start over on the 6 rep set again; time the entire ladder)
A special thanks to Sandi and the Brewcrew for hosting Friday’s party. It was good to hang out outside the gym environment. We look forward to more of these in the future!  Rumor has it that Hellraisers Ken, Greg, Sheetal, and Elina had to be “poured” out the door at midnight!  Good on ya.

CONGRATS RICHARD ON YOUR FIRST UNASSISTED KIPPING PULLUP!!!!  You’re making amazing progress.  Your hard work and homework are paying off big time!

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