Monday’s WOD:

Clean and Jerk:
A HUGE thanks to everyone for a great day on Saturday.  Over 60 athletes participated in the WOD.   A special thanks to  CrossFit Odyssey for bringing so many great athletes and for making the early trek.  We truly appreciated the opportunity to meet you all.  This was a great opportunity to meet other CrossFitters and participate in some friendly competition.  We look forward to doing this again.  Thank you to everyone who brought someone new.  The majority of participants were new to CrossFit which was very neat to see.  The motivation in the room was incredible.  
Pictures will be up soon.  
Our proposed expansion date is approaching.  We’ll keep you posted on the exact date.  We plan on a weekend painting party to get the space spruced up.  We are open to everyone’s ideas on configuring and painting the new space.  Along with the new space comes new equipment.  We’re prioritizing: Rowers, GHD, training olympic bars and Squat stands first.

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