W Friday, 20 Mar 2009

Friday’s WOD: 3 rounds for time:

10 R arm db power snatch – 35#/20#
20 R arm periscope lunges – 35#/20#
10 L arm db power snatch – 35#/20#
20 L arm periscope lunges – 35#/20#

knee grazes ground on lunges, arm MUST be locked out at start and finish of all lunge reps
periscope lunges are lunges performed while having one arm completely locked out holding DB overhead as you walk
hips must come to full extension on snatch before DB is lowered for next rep, you must dip to catch, you cannot muscle snatch it

Attendance was stunningly low on Thursday.  We’d like to think it was because everyone saw
 “Run 1 mile for time” as the WOD.  But just in case that wasn’t it:
<Cue Barry White Music>  “Baby, we done you wrong.  We know we’ve been tough on you this week.  But, please come back.  Flowers, Candy, mood lighting…we’ll make it all up to you…we promise”
Remember, Cardio/Respiratory Endurance is one of the 10 general physical skills.  This wasn’t just “go jog a mile.”  This was CrossFit style.  3-2-1 GO.  Full effort.  1 mile for time.  In CrossFit programming, a run day, while still tough, is often a good “rest” for your body and mind.  
On that, a big congrats to a big Freak.  Rob (all 6’7″ of him) ran a 5:54 mile and he crossed off one of his goals on the wall.  Yep, he pushed hard for all 21 steps that it took him to run that mile.  Great work Rob.  Not only has Rob being doing an incredible job leading classes as a CFHR Trainer, but he’s proving that nutrition and focus in the gym lead to tremendous achievements.  He’s constantly setting PRs and broadening his fitness skill sets.  Rob practices what he preaches, and it shows.
Congrats to Robby who ran a 5:24 (top time today)!
LIVE STRONG, Baby!!!!!


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