W Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursday’s WOD:

Back Squat Max Effort
Take 3-5 minutes rest between sets.  We just got our 4th squat rack set in yesterday.  Pair up with someone doing comparable weight so you don’t have too much to change out between sets.
A very special thanks to Greg M. for setting up our new GHD and squat stands and for unpacking the bumpers.  Hey Greg, that just proves that what they say is true:  although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, the elderly do serve a purpose!
GREAT WORK, EVERYONE DURING YESTERDAY’S WOD.  Power Snatch (especially hi rep) is a challenge of both coordination and stamina.  You guys did great getting the mechanics down and staying safe while pushing intensity.
STARTING THIS COMING MONDAY, THE BACK WALL COMES DOWN AND THE EXPANSION STARTS!!  Construction will be ongoing throughout the week, so please be patient with the noise.  We’ll do our best to minimize dust, smoke, and impact to the WODs. We may be forced outside, but we’ll bring the weights with us.  Dress appropriately.


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