W Thursday, 26 Mar

Not sure whether to laugh of cry.
Thursday’s WOD
Complete 7 sets of the following complex:
1 x Power Clean / 3 x Front Squat / 1 x Split Jerk
This is NOT for time.  It is a max effort day.  Rest as needed between sets of the complex.  Do not set the bar down during each set.

As promised, here are Robb Wolf and Dr Michael Eades responding to the much publicized report that eating meat causes cancer.  As usual, Robb sets the standard with straight-up facts and Eades addresses multiple facets of multiple studies…both great articles to read.  My favorite quote from Robb’s:

“This puts me squarely in a position to constantly piss-off and annoy left-leaning hippies and religious right-wingers alike. If you can piss nearly everyone off, you know you are onto something good.”

Watch the video from Robb’s post.  It shows the senate hearings that are at the “heart” of the fat-phobic carb-centric national diet tragedy.  An interesting (and scary) look into our past. 

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