W Tuesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

Max KB or DB swings in 3 minutes (55lb/35lb) 
 Max KB or DB swings in 2 minutes 
 Max KB or DB swings in 1 minute 

Rest 90 seconds  between rounds
Don’t lose your lumbar curve on these.  KB must go fully overhead (arms straight and perpendicular to ground at top).  This is a hip/core exercise!
CONGRATS to Bryan and Jessica Berrio!  They got married this Saturday evening.  We’ll post pictures as soon as Amie sends them to us!  We were jackasses and forgot our camera.
Thanks to Rob for donating his extra microwave to the gym.  Bring in a sweet potato to nuke for part of your PWO meal!  Don’t forget there’s a Food Lion right next door if you forget one.
Please vote in our poll to the right.  We’re trying to judge interest in another bulk order from Slanker’s Grass Fed Meats (linked in the Recommended Links section).  CFHR will pick up 50% of your shipping costs.  Minimum order is 15lbs and $75 per person.  

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