W Wednesday, 11 March (plus some food links and thoughts)

In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6, 2008 in the line of duty. 

Wednesday’s WOD (some of you did this around Xmas time).


for time;
75 reps – 75# power snatch

body must be at full extension at top of movement before weight can return to ground
touch and go is allowed
you MUST power snatch these…it is meant to be a light weight high rep exercise session with a “dip” to catch weight overhead and then extend legs to stand…i.e. you cannot muscle snatch

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A special thanks to Gayle, from Compound CrossFit (Chesapeake), for stopping in for a WOD yesterday.  She is ONE MOTIVATED ATHLETE.  Gayle is a great CF success story.  She has been interviewed on CF Radio and is a great motivator and communicator about the benefits of CrossFit.  She has her own success story with impressive weight loss (in a really short period of time) using CrossFit.  She hammered out yesterdays WOD with an impressive time.  Gayle, we appreciate you swinging by and hope to see you back again
We had a great group head out to Costco with us this weekend for a shopping field trip.  We discussed food quality options to live a Paleo/Zone lifestyle (on a relative budget).  Check out this great video from Pat Sherwood chronicling his daily life with the zone.  To get the full thing, you need a Journal subscription.  It’s $25 for the year and gives you open access to a remarkable breadth and depth of Fitness info.  You can get a subscription by clicking on the Journal link on the right side of this blog page.
We’re always harping about taking an Omega-3 Fish oil supplement.  Well, check out this link for ailments related to Omega-3 deficiencies.
Here’s a link from the grassfed beef site (again pointed out by Meegs) that touches on many of the benefits of grassfed vs grainfed stock.  There are tons of sidelinks in here.  I have not checked them all.  Some common fallacies discussed in here (eating too much vs exercising too little is making us fat)…please try to read around those. 
We’ve recently had a few athletes hit a plateau in either the gym or in personal body composition goals.  There are a few things to remember:
1.  Plateaus are normal.  They are a challenge no different than any WOD, except they last longer.  Attack you plateau leveraging on the mental strength you use to get through WODs.  
2.  As we address insulin issues later in life, we are battling years and years of built up insulin resistance.  This means A) it’s tougher to overcome–takes time, and B) you are very  susceptible to insulin resistance–very minor deviations (cheats) in diet, sleep and stress will set you back.
3.  I often get the awkward stares and questions about what is perceived as my “strict, unnatural” diet.  First, I’m thinking that it’s actually a “natural” diet when compared to what most people eat nowadays…but i don’t really say that.  I’ve been formulating responses over the years.  I think one of my favorites is in response to the question, “don’t you ever cheat…just LIVE A LITTLE?”  Well, the answer is occasionally I do eat outside my preferred diet, but those times are rare (one or two times a year maybe).  I’m never looking for an excuse to do it.  In general, I feel that by following my natural paleo/zoneish diet (eating meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar), i don’t have to worry about “LIVING A LITTLE” here and there, when i can “LIVE A LOT” everyday.  I feel the best that I ever have.  I perform (mentally and physically) the best I ever have.  I am at my best as a husband (up to debate from Coach N.), as a father, and as a Coach when I eat the way my body was intended…that’s living every day to it’s fullest.

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