W-Wednesday, 25 March STOP THE MADNESS!

Wednesday’s WOD

150 Wallball shots for time

Guys 20lb to 10′ target
Ladies 14lb to 10′ target

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Woke up to this B.S. report.
Yet again, poor scientific studies will lead masses to metabolic derangement.  Note that they did not actually study what the participants ate…they asked them to remember what they ate (over a 10 year period).  Oh, and by the way, they were all members of AARP…which means they also had a lifetime of potentially other eating habits.  This is madness.  The most important finding they could present out of this “study” is that eating less meat will lower green house gas emissions…YGBSM!  When the science isn’t science, the results aren’t results…they’re hypothesis.  And GOOD science is designed to test hypothesis, not the other way around.  As with most nutrition studies, this one clearly started with the premise that eating meat causes cancer…it then drove the study looking for that result and ignoring data counter to that premise.    Here are a couple of questions:  what were the sleeping habits of the participants, what about exposure to second hand smoke, what about sunlight (were some of those cancer deaths skin cancer?)  I’ll link Dr. Eades’ response to this one, i know he’ll have one.
I’m off to have breakfast–steak, bell peppers and tomatoes. 

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