Walk a half mile in my shoes, Wed Dec 9th

Team “Immigrants” pulled off a close 4th place finish in the Biggest Loser Comp. Their combined score of 19.712 was only .451 pts out of 3rd place. They lost a combined 17.88 lbs of fat and gained 1.82 lbs of muscle.
CrossFit WOD:
For time:
800M Farmer’s Walk executed as follows:
2 laps of:
Walk 200M holding a bumper plate (45#/25#)
Walk 200M alternating 50 steps with weight overhead and 50 steps not overhead
At end of each lap, execute 20 deadlifts with the plate (grip as desired)


Skill Review: Push Press

Christine Intro: 3 rounds as partners (1 partner rests while other executes. If solo, rest 3 minutes between rounds)

Row 300
10 Deadlift (75/55)
10 box jump

We’re prepping for the next Biggest Loser Competition. This time it will be 4 months instead of 6. Standby for more specifics, but expect to start in early January.

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