Want to Avoid Cavities? Try this. Tuesday

DON’T FORGET!  CFHR HOLIDAY PARTY SAT, DEC 18TH.  6:30PM at Sandi’s house (3 Riggins Ct, Poquoson).  BRING finger-food and your favorite beverage.  No Kids please.  Gift exchange ($20 limit), Holiday Sweater Contest, Pool Tournament and…FRIENDS!   
Group Warmup
3 sets:
1. Handstand pushups AMRAP minus 1 (Stop when you feel you can only complete one more HSPU)
30 sec handstand holds (active shoulders and HOLLOW BODY)
2. 60 second Static Hold on Pullup bar.  If you got static hold on monday, progress to 5 sets of 10 second negatives.
6 sets for total time (post time as shown on the clock):

Rounds 1, 3, 5:
8 Hang Power Clean (155/105)
5 pushups
10 Hi speed burpees
rest 90 seconds

Rounds 2, 4, 6:
7 Toes-to-Bar
12 Sandbag Jump Switches, 6 per side (see description below)
15 anchored ABMAT situps
Rest 90 seconds

**Sandbag Jump Switch: Put sandbag on either shoulder. Do a lunge. Now jump immediately into a lunge on the other leg (hence the Jump Switch name). WEIGHT ON HEELS. Ideally (and most efficiently) you get full hip extension at the top of the jump, but it’s not required. Sandbag can stay on the same side throughout.

*In the first picture the athlete is doing KNEES TO TRICEPS.  In the second it is clearly a KNEES TO ELBOWS.  If you are doing knees to elbows the second picture is proper range of motion.  Be honest on these.  You must hit between the elbows and wrists for a rep to count. 

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