Wed, Jan 13th

CrossFit WOD:
3 couplets. Each couplet will be executed for a 3 minute AMRAP. It does not matter which you start on. Rest 90s transitioning between couplets. Your score is the total FULL rounds completed (rounds couplet 1+rounds couplet 2+rounds couplet 3). Partial rounds don’t count.

Couplet 1
10 x Slow Count Semi Stiff-Legged Deadlift (155/105) –4 seconds down, no pause at bottom, stand up, no pause at top
5 x HSPU

Couplet 2:
15 x Swings (55/35)
5 x Ring Pushups (set box across from rings to allow parallell body at bottom)

Couplet 3:
12 x Slow Count Hip Extension (2 second down, no pause at bottom, up, no pause at top)
10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups


Christine Intro: 3 rounds as partners (1 partner rests while other executes. If solo, rest 2 minutes between rounds)

Row 300
10 Deadlift (75/55)
10 box jump (20/14)

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