Wed, Jan 27th

Miguel meets Grace!

A little family rivalry in the gym. John and Amy S. pushing out some Burpee-Pullup-KTEs. This is one helluva fit family. You should see their kids workout!

CrossFit WOD:

Shoulder Press @ 60% 1RM
6 sets of 5, rest 45 seconds between each set.
10 min AMRAP
3 x Deadlift (225/185)
3 x Burpees (3 pushups per burpee)
For the burpees, when you drop to the ground, when your chest hits the ground, that’s the bottom of your first pushup. Finish 3 pushups, then jump and clap. Each set of 3 burpees will have 9 pushups.
5 rounds:
8 Push Press (PVC or empty bar)
1 rope ascent (or 3 rope pull from ground)


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