Wednesday Jan 5

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Group Warmup

10 partner medball squat clean tosses 5ft apart
(athlete does a medball clean and tosses the ball to partner as if doing a wallball shot)

10 wallball shot

10 partner wallball situp tosses 5 ft apart
(athlete does a situp and tosses ball to partner at top of situp)

1 min plank hold

4 sets of tabata abmat situps (anchored)
Row 5 mins for calories
AMRAP Double Unders 4 mins
AMRAP KB/DB swings 3 mins 55/35
4 sets of tabata abmat situps (anchored)
*If 2 heats are needed, the 2nd heat will start situps after first heat finishes their row
*If scaling double unders divide total singles by 3
*Score will be total of all movements
**Post Scores to comments section**

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