Weekend Athlete Update – David

About 8 months ago, CFHR had a booth at the York County Health Fair. That’s when we met David. David started our Kid’s class about 7 months ago, and the changes (both physical and emotional) are nothing short of IMPRESSIVE! . David blasts through WODs and is, by far, the most determined athlete we have in our gym. He is in constant pursuit of his deficiencies. He has nailed handstands, double-unders and olympic lifts. His is on a constant (and seemingly endless) path of excellence and growth. Oh yeah, did we mention his mom, Kathy is an absolute animal in the 6:15am class? Here’s a shot of David the same month he started CrossFit and a recent picture of him at the seven month point.

And in his own words:
I like coming to Crossfit because there is no gym like it. Before Crossfit, I was not pleased with how I looked. We tried other gyms but I wasn’t making any progress and then we tried Crossfit and I’m staying with it 100%! I used to wear a kids size 16 in pants and I didn’t have much stamina or energy. But now, in the start of my seventh month in Crossfit, I’ve droped from a 16 to a 12, have tons of energy/stamina, plus I have more confidence in myself and at what I can do!”

David, it is an absolute pleasure having you and your Mom with us. We look forward to your future progress. You have truly unleashed your inner Athlete!

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