Weekend Rant from J

It wouldn’t be my Birthday without a rant!

Check out this weekend read.

The FDA is halting a food labeling program called “Smart Choices.” You’ll notice the photo in the article shows a Kellogg’s POPS cereal box labeled with the Smart Choice “check” of approval.
The FDA’s issue is that many foods are labeled in a manner that may “mislead” consumers.
Smart Choice is a labeling program DEVELOPED AND RUN BY 9 OF THE MAJOR FOOD INDUSTRY COMPANIES SUCH AS KELLOGGS AND GENERAL MILLS!!!! That should be your first eyebrow-raiser.
What’s the defense of the Smart Choice leadership (i.e. the food industry?): “the program’s criteria are based on federal dietary guidelines and its efforts are a step in the right direction.”

There you have it. Maybe the FDA is finally seeing that they are a pawn of the food industry and that their guidelines may not be so healthy after all….but I doubt that’s what’s happening.
Here’s another great line:
“The impetus for the Smart Choices program was that there were and are too many systems,” he said. “We applaud the concept of having one system nationwide.”

That’s great…except for the fact that the people making the food are the ones labeling it as healthy. Gee, that way, everything can be labeled healthy, then we’ll feel a lot better about ourselves as we kill ourselves. That’s like the cigarette industry being given authority to label their own products as healthy:
“Wise Choice Stamp! This product is extremely good for you and will make you feels nifty. Please disregard any degraded pulmonary or respiratory performance while using this product….that’s just karma punishing you for being mean to that puppy dog last week.”

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