Weekend Reading and a Big THANK YOU!

CFHR Athletes.
Nicole and I had the unique opportunity tonight to just sit back and watch the evening classes workout.  What a pleasure.  It was an upbeat, hi-intensity night in there.  Our fantastic trainers (most of them were there) were in full force motivating and coaching.  Athletes were pushing themselves and eachother.  Nicole and I were proud; not in the “parental” sense of proud, but in the sense of, “damn, these are our friends.”  The energy produced in that gym each day carries through the night…after the last WOD…after the equipment is put away…after the radio is off…after the lights are out.  As I close the gym up in the evenings, I can SEE and FEEL the echoes of energy and hard work–it’s like a glow that lingers, and the gym takes on a life of its own, fueled by the output of all of you…our friends.


I read this article in a hard copy of National Geographic.  It is well worth the read.  I had mixed emotions:  respect, a tinge of jealousy, appreciation, insight and confidence in my path to longevity and wellness.

Big undertaking this weekend by Josh “Rambo” to get up that pullup bar.  Our deepest appreciation for his hard work and skill.  And thank you to the volunteers helping out.


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