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100 Days of Burpees:  Day 2

For time (level 2 can use a vest if they’d like):

  2 tire flips
  40 sandbag getups (40lbs/20lbs)
  30 steps walking lunge with the sandbag
  20 Shoulder Switches with the sandbag (description below)
  100 M sprint with sandbag (to end of lot and back)
  20 Shoulder Switches
  30 steps walking lunge with bag
  40 sandbag getups with bag
  2 tire flips

Sandbag getups:  both feet flat on ground before standing up
Walking Lunge:  stand up to full hip extension on each step.  Bag held anywhere
Shoulder Switch:  Just a push press/jerk with the bag starting on one shoulder, then switching over to the other shoulder.  Not necessary for arms to come to full extension as it passes over your head.


-Is Oatmeal Heart Healthy?  no

-Yesterday, I discussed the difference between serum LDL and LDL-P (the LDL particle count) and its size.  Checkout this great discussion of what’s happening to you when LDL particle count gets high and LDL size gets small and dense.

Checkout this list of “Heart Healthy” cereals.  (Jay, I think Frankenberries is still on there).  Keep perspective on what causes high LDL particle count with a small/dense size while reading this.  

Ever heard of Orthorexia?  Checkout OPT’s thoughts on this.  Post your own. 

Nicole and I are very proud to announce the opening of the newest CrossFit gym in the local area:  CrossFitOP (CrossFit Oyster Point), owned and operated by Jim and Diane Koske.  
We are proud to have introduced Jim and Di to CrossFit to have sparked their love of coaching and to have inspired them to start their own box.  It’s tough for us to see them go, but it is extremely valuable to the CrossFit community to have another gym in the local area; it will only strengthen and increase the size of the community.  
Current CFHR CrossFit Athletes are invited to their inagural WOD this Monday night at 5:30pm.  Details are below in this message from Jim and Di.:
“BREAKING NEWS from Jim and Dianne Koske
Crossfit HamptonRoads should add the word INSPIRATION to their logo, “Perspiration, Motivation and TRANSFORMATION”.  We’ve been inspired!
 We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Nicole and Jeremy for their guidance and support. Through our great experience with CFHR, we have taken the exciting step to help spread the CrossFit News and open our own box.  So.. Not only will we be drinking the Koolaid , we’re gonna start pouring the stuff for other crazy CrossFitters!
 We are proud to announce the opening of CROSSFIT OYSTER POINT (CrossFitOP). We want to thank the whole CrossFit Hampton Roads community for the great experience over the past 2 years. This is an exciting time for us yet we will definitely miss seeing everyone at the box. Working out and training with our friends at CFHR has been nothing less than life changing. We thank you for those that we’ve coached, laughed, cried, sweat, and cheered with at CFHR.  Not to worry, we will be active with the CFHR box via the kids/teen classes and special events. We will miss you all. Please come visit anytime!
Speaking of which, we hope to see you all at the inaugural CrossFitOP WOD this coming Monday, July 5th at 5:30p. Open to all CrossFitters.  Please come and join us for a fun WOD and post WOD commaradarie.
Location: 320 Ed Wright Lane, Newport News, VA 23602
Phone:    Dianne 593-6373 or Jim 329-9620
Open for CrossFitter’s: Monday, July 5, 2010 at 5:30p

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