Weekend Update

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Thanks to Amie and Jack for hosting some weekend festivities.  Happy birthday  to Amie!

First, check out this picture of Molly.  She’s 8.5 months pregnant and has been CrossFitting with us throughout her pregnancy.  The benefits to health of increased work capacity (regardless of starting physical state) are immense.  Molly has maintained remarkable mobility and energy throughout her pregnancy and we would like to think that much of that is because of her dedication to Fitness.  

Next, a congrats to Joe, who, in spite of his massive Lats got his first muscle ups (rings and bar) with a little coaching from Bryan.  Strong work.  Joe is a strong dude, but he recognized a physical deficiency (body weight movements, i.e. gymnastics elements) and he tackled it head on.  By conquering the muscle up, Joe has just improved his General Physical Preparedness for the demands of his job and life.  That is a greater physical feat for Joe in his pursuit of Fitness, then if he had deadlifted 900 lbs.  Why?  Because he can already deadlift a lot.  He needs to perform well across all domains of physical skills.  We all have deficiencies.  Our greatest growths will come from tackling those deficiencies head-on.
Take a look at this superstar.  Yep, Bobbi (with an “i”) made the mainpage showing off his Wattage abilities on the rower.  Great work representing with the “balls” shirt Rob…uh Bob. You’ll have to subscribe to the Journal to see the whole thing, but here’s the teaser.  
Finally, the following videos are all free and show Coach Glassman speaking to the  American Society of Exercise Physiologists.  This is one hour of absolutely priceless data and explanation of the foundations of CrossFit and Fitness from its founder.  

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