We’ve Lost Our Way. Thur, Mar 4th

Lots of upcoming events!  
March 6th 9am-12:30 CFHR Affiliate Tryouts
March 12th – Last FTBB “After” Photos Taken
March 27th and 28th, CrossFit Games Sectionals Competition
April 10th, CFHR “2 Million lbs, 24 Hours” fundraiser for the Hampton FD (standby for more details on this).

CrossFit WOD:
In either order execute:
On the minute, for 8 total sets, perform 3 Back Squat @ 70% 1RM
On the minute, for 8 total sets, perform 3 Deadlift @ 60% 1RM

Then, not for time, execute 50 GHD Hip Extensions and 50 Unanchored ABMAT situps.


“…to pursue the truth, we have to leave room for the possibility that we might be ignorant, or even wrong.  We have to accept confusion, embrace the risk of not knowing.  As a culture we’ve lost the moorings of traditional life-ways and their foods.  Corporate America began taking over the food stream in the 1920s, and the process has been complete for over a generation.  We have very little to go on, and the experts our culture offers in the place of wisdom have not proven trustworthy.  If we acknowledge that this is difficult…it will go easier.”

  -Lierre Keith, “The Vegetarian Myth”


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