Thursday’s WOD:

3 sets, 3 min rest between sets:
3xHang Power Snatch/1xHang Snatch/3xOHS /1xSnatch Balance
bar does not touch the ground until the set is complete

rest 5 minutes
As Many Rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
1 Rope ascent (sub 3 rope stand-ups per ascent–pull yourself from supine to standing with the rope)
5 x ring dips

Post loads for the Snatch complex and rounds for the metcon

And now for some videos and pictures. 
1.  Jean  finally feels triple extension (that sounds dirty).  AWESOME!!

2.  Jack works on the C&J.  Not quite there on extension, but huge progress in the Oly lifts.

3.  Pure intensity x 2

3.  When Jean started with us, he couldn’t do a single jump rope.  Look at him now!

Here’s what happens when you miss too many double unders.  How do you say “Damn Girl!” in Espanol?

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