Friday’s WOD:

Tabata Mashup
Tabata (20sec on, 10sec off x 8 sets per exercise) the following:
KB swing (55lb/35lb)
Box Jump
UNanchored Abmat situps
Profile of a Closet Animal.  Judithe started CFHR when we were still in the garage.  Timid, shy and quiet, she begrudgingly went along with her nutcase coaches.  Her progress was steady,  but not at a blazing speed.  Her diligence, however, has paid off.  In the past 6 months, Judithe has conquered her fear of weights.  She dove head first into mastering her kip.  Her performance has skyrocketed.  Checkout Judithe’s SOLID overhead squat in the video!  Great work Judithe, keep it up!

This Saturday, from 10am-2pm, CFHR will have a booth at the York County Council Health Fair.  It’s located at theGrafton Middle/High School Complex, 403 Grafton Road Yorktown, VA 23693.  If you’d like to help promote CrossFit or tell your story, please swing on by, we’d love to have you.  Here is the promo film we put together for the event.  It is now official that Steven Spielberg and I have absolutely nothing in common.

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