WG Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday’s WOD:

“The Chief”

5 x 3 minute rounds; 1 min rest b/t rounds;
3 power clean – 135#/90#
6 push ups
9 squats

record total rounds for every 3 minute section, including fractions
post total number of rounds to comments
chest to deck on push ups, ass to grass on squats, hips at full extension at top of power clean before bar can be lowered
(i.e. score = 7 rds + 6.3 rds + 6 rds + 6 rds + 6 rds = 31.3 rds as score)

New Addition Ideas:
Some of the tops that we are planning on incorporating:
1.  We will not rubberize the whole floor, but will put olympic lifting platforms with the racks (wood platform with rubber on either side).  The plan is to clean up and seal the remainder of the concrete.
2.  Chris, we love the cargo net idea.  This one we can do in a corner.  I’ll look into the B. ladder
3.  Meegs, yes, we plan on putting a microwave in for the post-WOD sweet potatoes
4.  Red and Black will be our colors.  We’re working with a contractor to get our new logo on the wall (BIG!).  
5.  Daniel, we’ll probably keep the wallball alley where it is, but we’ll paint targets instead of tape lines.
Keep the ideas coming

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