What Election? Rhabdo broke the 2 min Fran!!

Thursday’s WOD:

For Time:
50 Double Unders (DU)
2 Turkish Get-ups per arm (TGU)
40 DU
4  TGU per arm
30 DU
6 TGU per arm
20 DU
8 TGU per arm
If the movie doesn’t work, click here, then scroll down to the Kettlebell section
From the CrossFit main site today, Jason “Rhabdo” Kaplan from Guerilla Fitness in Montclair NJ puts up a 1:53 “Fran”!!!  ANIMAL!  I’d venture to say this is one of the most remarkable physical feats in recent history.  Disagree?  Think I’m exaggerating?  Those who have done Fran know how remarkably challenging this is.  Those who haven’t, just try it.  Watch his core-to-extremity efficiency and power in the Thrusters.  Notice his hips FULLY extend prior to the weight leaving his chest.  The previous fastest time recorded was 2:02 and it was messy.  This was as legitimate as it gets (weight fully over head–not out front, and chin well above bar for pullup)

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