Wheat +Men = Estrogen, Tue Aug 10th. 100 DOB Day 41

Split Jerk
  2 sets of 5 reps empty bar warmup
  5 @ 55%
  1 @ 75%
  1 @ 85%
  1 @ 95%
  1 @ 101+%


For max load and time
Walk/Run 1 mile carrying a heavy load.  The load is up to you.  You can wear a vest, carry dumbbells, a loaded barbell, sandbags, etc.  Be creative, but challenge yourself.  To get the 1 mile, do the 800m course twice.


Sorry for the delay in posting the Mud Run results.  The official results are still not posted on the ASYMCA site.  Once they’re up, i’ll give the full update on our teams’ and individuals’ performances.

We had a great crowd at the PNF Stretching and Mobility Clinic.  Tons of great information and methods of increasing performance and feeling better before, during and after WODs was learned.  The feedback from attendees was great.  We’ll definitely have Rob Wilson back for another Clinic!

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