Where’s the Beef?

Wednesday’s WOD:

Athlete’s Choice
WOD 1: 
As many rounds in 15 minutes of:
5 ring dips
10 box jump or step ups
WOD 2:
50 Box-Jump Burpees for time
Hell Ben, you probably don’t even know who that lady is!
Want some beef?  Remember, grain feed beef from the grocery store lacks one vital thing:  Omega-3 Fatty Acid.  It is plentiful in Omega-6.  Years of Omega-3/6 imbalance wreaks havoc on our system and contributes to metabolic derangement.  In addition to taken Omega-3 supplements (fish-oil/cod oil/krill oil, etc…), grass-fed beef contains the natural balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6.  We’ve found a great source locally for grass-fed beef and free-range Chicken.  Call “Ceriello” Catering and Restaurant in City Center (594-9367).  Place your order and it’s ready for pick up in a week.  This is fresh, uncooked grass-fed Black Angus strip or ribeye and free-range chicken.  We plan on stocking up at the beginning of the month and freezing it. 
The beef is pricey compared to grain-fed, but a very good price for grass-fed: 14.99/lb.  The chicken is $1.88/lb–not bad at all.  When you call, ask for Matthew and tell him you’re with CrossFit Hampton Roads.

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