White UPS workers CAN Jump

Brandon tackles 46 inch box jump! 

Friday’s WOD:

10 rounds 
3 lateral hurdle jumps (over/back = 1)
3 high box jump
30 second plank hold
rest 30 seconds
Check out this success story! Robb (6’7″ Robb) –Lost 15 lbs!!  His diligence in the gym and with his sleep and nutrition prove, yet again, that the equation is easy:  Sleep+Nutrition+Intensity = RESULTS.  Robb, your dedication is an inspiration to everyone.  He takes on personal challenges in the gym (striving to improve Oly lift form, tweaking his diet, and his most recent endeavor–rowing).  Keep up the GREAT WORK.  

We’re also seeing great results in our kids classes.  Between just 4 of our kid-athletes we’ve had a 40 LB WEIGHT LOSS!!!!  Remember, these kids do CrossFit 3 times a week.  Their biggest dietary changes have been NO MORE SODA OR JUICE.  This stuff works!!
Finally, check out this e-mail we got from a GREAT friend, incredible athlete, and soon-to-be US Army Airborne Graduate!!  Brandon was with us for only 5 weeks!!! He was dedicated, worked hard, and the results are evident:

I just can’t thank you enough for your help. You have helped me changed my career and my family. I am one week away from graduating airborne school. I have passed all the physical tests they have put me through. I could not have done it without you and crossfit. I dropped 15 pounds and I dropped one minute off my run time even in the bitter cold. Thank you once again. I will stay in contact and let you know what’s up from time to time.



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