Whole Food Versus Supplementation, Friday Jun 18th

Date: This Saturday, June 19th
Time:  Depart CFHR propmtly at 3pm
Cost:  $5/person for hamburgers (cash or check)
Please bring more money if you’d like to cook a steak, bacon, etc..
You can also purchase any frozen meat you’d like to take home with you.
This is a family event and a great opportunity to learn how to “opt-out” of the industrial food system.

Front Squat:
5 @ 45%
5 @ 55%
5 @ 60%
5 @ 65%


Skill work plus odds and ends.
1.  work on any specific skill you’d like to tackle
2.  Put on a Vest and drag the smaller tires or flip the bigger ones a bit (don’t go all out…not looking for speed necessarily…see how heavy you can go.)
3.  Can you climb the rope with a vest on? How about 2?

Some named WOD’s next week.

“If you eat the bulk of your protein from grass fed/wild caught sources, eat seasonal veggies and fruits, get some sun on your skin, keep your gut healthy (no grains and legumes, limited diary) you do not NEED any supplements. If you have not noticed I tend to be very reticent to suggest much beyond fish oil, magnesium and a few odds and ends. There ARE studies suggesting large dose antioxidants and supplements are NOT good for you”  -RW

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