Why Moderation Will Cost You Money. Monday Dec 13th

TeamWOD Friday.  Evan and Supa-Carl

Group Warmup
Pick 2 shoulder mobility exercises.  Spend 5 minutes on them.  Instead of holding them static, incorporate a bit of movement to them.  Don’t forget to keep ribcage down and shoulders back when your arm is behind you.

2 times through:
1. Attempt a 60 sec Static Hold with chin above pullup bar. (if you can’t get 60 seconds, then do 4 attempts at holding as long as you can)
2.  15 Hip Extensions
3.  10 second Handstand Hold or 5 handstand pushups

Push/Split Jerk


*The key to succeeding in this lift is keeping the shoulders stacked above the hips on the dip.  When the weight starts to get “heavy” you must keep a tight core and solid dip without leaning forward.  



In a society where “moderation” seems to be the fail-safe response when there is any doubt or controversy, the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board fits right in.  They recently released their new Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D intake.  Read this article for the full scoop on why their decision to hardly increase the RDA will cost you.  Great quote from the article:

“Unless these findings are challenged, the public will accept it as true. Doctors, medical institutions, the media, and governmental agencies will all parrot these ultra-low recommendations on vitamin D dosage, pooh-poohing its important therapeutic benefits, and keeping the American public dangerously deficient in the vitamin.

This will mean more colds, more flu, greater dependence on dangerous flu shots and antibiotics, more illness in general, more weak bones, more cancer, and many more deaths. Some experts calculate that proper vitamin D supplementation could save Americans $4.4 trillion over a decade—about $1,346 per person every year.”

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