WM Thursday, 2 April

Thursday’s WOD:

800M Overhead Carry
Guys: 20 lb Dynamax ball or Dumbbell
Ladies: 10 lb Dynamax ball, Slamball, or Dumbbell

Object must be higher than top of head while you are moving.  If you lower it, you must stop moving.
This is a quick tempo walk.  We want to reinforce mid-line stability (i.e. prolong the pain)…so no running.
DID YOU SEE!!!!!  YOU CAN NOW LOG YOUR MEALS ON BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD!!!  It’s a great tool broken out into block structure to help you track your progress and keep your honest.  
COMING SOON!!!  CrossFit Hampton Roads “Biggest Loser Competition.”  Details are in the works, but the general premise is:  Teams of 2.  The biggest body comp change (in the good direction) in the allotted time wins.  The prizes will be worth it (to be announced with the official announcement of the competition).  
The Orthopedic and Spine Center in Newport News offers a reasonably priced body comp scan.  We will use this as the common baseline.  More details to come!

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